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Employment Termination: The risks employers take by treating employees unfairly

The recent jury decision in Higginson v. Babine Forest Products Ltd. is one that should cause employers to sit up and take notice, as it demonstrates the risks that an employer assumes when they choose to treat an employee unfairly and unreasonably. In the Higginson case, an employee, Larry Higginson, had been employed by Babine Forest Products Ltd. (“Babine”) for about 34 years, at which point he was “let go” from his employment.  The employer alleged that there was… Keep reading »

Severance Entitlement on Being Fired or Dismissed Without Cause

Have you just been dismissed or let go without cause? Are you entitled to severance? Generally, when an employee is let go without just cause, the employer must provide the employee either with advanced working notice   of the termination (which we will refer to simply as “notice” from here on in) or pay in lieu of such notice (also known as “severance”). An employer has the option of providing the employee with a combination of notice and severance. It should… Keep reading »