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BC’s First Family Day on February 11, 2013: Will you get paid what you’re entitled to?

B.C.’s newest statutory holiday, Family Day, will make its debut on Monday, February 11, 2013, breaking up that seemingly eternal period between New Year’s Day and Good Friday. Family Day joins British Columbia’s nine other statutory holidays, which are:

  • New Year’s Day;
  • Good Friday;
  • Victoria Day;
  • Canada Day;
  • BC Day;
  • Labour Day;
  • Thanksgiving Day;
  • Remembrance Day; and
  • Christmas Day.
The Employment Standards Act sets out specific requirements for when employees are entitled to receive additional pay on statutory holidays, known… Keep reading »

Overtime: Are You Being Paid Enough?

Are you receiving all of the overtime to which you are entitled? The requirements regarding overtime in British Columbia are set out in the Employment Standards Act. Overtime entitlements are applicable to the number of hours worked in a day or the number of hours worked in a week. Daily Overtime Overtime calculated on a daily basis is not payable on the first eight hours you work in a day. Once you have worked eight hours in a day,… Keep reading »